Astronomy Article Count:  15

ASTRONOMY, or the Doctrine of the HEAVENS ;
Their Circles, Ecliptic, Zodiack, Meridian, Equator, Vertical, Azimuth. Galaxy, &c.
Points, as Pole, Zenith, Nadir, &c.
Celestial Bodies, viz. Stars, Sun, &c.
Assemblage thereof, into Sign, Constellation, &c.
Their Precession, Culmination, Refraction. Declination, Ascension, Longitude, Latitude, Altitude, Amplitude, Azimuth. Planets, as Saturn, Venus, Earth. Moon, Satellite, Comet, &c.
Their Places, Aspects, Syzygy, Conjunction, Quadrature. Diameter, Distance, Period, Revolution, Orbit, Node, &c.
Their Station, Retrogradation, Equation, &c.
Their Phases, Eclipse, Penumbra., Occupation, Parallax, Crepusculum, Maculæ, &c.
Observations thereof, taken with the Quadrant, Gnomon, Micrometer, Reticula, &c.
Collected in Catalogue, Tables, &c.
Hypotheses, or Systems thereof, Copernican, Tychonic, Ptolemaic, &c.
, Exhibited in Sphere, Globe, &c.

Architecture Article Count:  4

ARCHITECTURE, including die Construction of BUILDINGS ;
as House, Temple, Church, Hall, Palace, Theatre, &c.
Ship, Galley, Galleon, Ark, Buccentaur, Boat, &c.
Pyramid, Mausoleum, Pantheon, &c.
Capitol, Seraglio, Escurial, &c.
Arch, Vault, Bridge, Monument, Tomb, &c.
Forms thereof. Rotondo. Platform, Pinnacle, &c.
Plans, Design, Ichnography, Prosile, Sic. Parts, as Foundation, Wall, Roof, &c.
Door, Window, Stairs, Chimney, &c.
Orders, as Tuscan, Doric, Corinthian, &c.
Caryatides, Rusiic, Gothic, &c.
Column, Pilasier, Attic, &c.
Parts thereof, Entablature, Capital, Pedesial, &c.
Cornice, Frieze, Base, &c.
Volute, Pediment, Modillion, Console, &c.
Mouldings, Ogee, Tore, Asiragal, Scotia. Abacus, Ovolo, &c.
Materials, as Brick, Stone, Tyle, Slate, Shingle, &c.
Timber, Wainscot, Glass, Lead, Plaster, &c.
Beam, Rafter, Mortar, Nail, Hinge, Key, Lock, &c.
Quarry, Masonry, &c.

Commerce Article Count:  4

COMMERCE, or the Affairs of MERCHANDIZE ;
including, Money, Coin, Species &c.
as Pound, Crown, Shilling, Penny, Sterling. Ducat, Dollar, Piece of Eight. Talent, Sesterce, Shekel, and the* like. Weights, Libra, Ounce, &c.
Measures, Foot, Yard, Standard, &c.
Given in Exchange, Truck, Permutation, Commutation, &c.
for Manufacture, Spice, Drug, Woollen, slave. Negro, &c.
hnperted, Exported, Transported, Convoy , Flota, &c.
Conditions thereof, Tariff, Contraband, Charter-party, Freight, Average, &c.
Customs, Duty, Tunnage, Poundage, &c.
Bottomry, Ajssurance, Pike, &c.
Transacted by Company ; as Hans, Steel-yard, East India, Turky, Hamburg, Missisippi, South Sea, Assiento, Register. Colony, Fishery, Factory, &c.
At Staple, Fair, Market, Bank, Burse, &c.
By Commission, Factor, Broker, &c.
Weighing, paying by Bill ; at Usance, Acceptance, Par. Protest, Discount, Rechange, &c.
Action, Subscription. Book-keeping, &c.

Dialling Article Count:  0

DIALLING, including the Furniture and Projection of DIALS, Horizontal, Declining, Reclining, Deinclining, &c.
Moon-Dial, Ring-Dial, Horodictical, &c.
lnstruments, as Declinator, Analemma, Scales, &c.

Fortification Article Count:  0

FORTIFICATION, or the Construction of FORTRESSES;
as Citadel, Castle, Tower, &c.
Fort, Star, Redoubt, &c.
Works, or Parts thereof, Rampart, Bastion, Ditch, Counterscarp, Curtain, &c.
Ravelin, Horn-work, Crown-work, &c.
Approaches, Trench, Sap, Mine, &c.
Line, Parallel, Circumvallation, &c.
Battery, Attack, &c.

Game Article Count:  1

Play, Ludus, a regular Diversion or a Sport prescribed, and limited by Rules. See GAMING

Geography Article Count:  10

GEOGRAPHY, including the Doctrine of the EARTH, or Globe:
its Circles; Parallel, Tropic, Horizon, Axis, Poles, &c.
Its Zones, Climates, &c.
Its Places ; their Longitude, Latitude, Distance, Elevation, &c.
Inhabitants, Antipodes, Aborigines, Troglodites, Ascii, Periscii, &c.
lnstruments relating thereto, Globe, Map, &c.

Chronology Article Count:  41

CHRONOLOGY, or the Doctrine of TIME ;
measur'd by Year, Month, Week, Day, Hour. Age, Period, Cycle, &c.
Commencing from Epocha, Creation, Hegira, &c.
Laid down in Fasti, Almanack, Calendar, Julian, Gregorian, &c.
Accommodated to Feasts, Feriæ, Easter, &c.
by means of Epact, Golden Number, Dominical, &c.

Hydrostatics Article Count:  0

HYDROSTATICS, or the Consideration of FLUIDS ;
their Specific Gravity. Density, Equilibrium. &c.
Instruments to measure the same, as Aræomeier, Hydrostatical Balance, &c.
Syphon, Torricellian, &c.----
Motion thereof, in Pump, Fountain, Spiral Screw, Hydrocanisteritim, Hydromantic, &c.

Mechanics Article Count:  2

MECHANICS, including, the Structure and Contrivance of MACHINES, as Balance, Steelyard, Pully, Polyspast, &c.
Wheel, Clock, Watch, Pendulum, Spring, Fusee. &c.
Clepsydra, Coach, Rota Arisiotelica. Perpetual Motion &c.----
Mill, Press, Vice, Lath, Loom, Windlass, &c.
Operations of Swimming, Diving, Plying, &c.

Military art Article Count:  3

MILITARY ART, including the Consideration of ARMIES, Fleets, Cavalry, Infantry, &c.
Consisting of Regiments, Troops, Companies, Phalanx, Legion, &c.
Soldiers, Dragoon, Grenadier, Fusileer, Cuirassier, Archer, Janisary, Spahi, Velites, Argyraspides, Gend'armery, &c.
Divided into Squadron, Battalion, Brigade, &c.
Commanded by General, Marshal, Bashaw, Admiral, &c.
, Lieutenant, Brigadier, Colonel, Captain, Serjeant, Major, Adjutant, Ensign, Quarter-Master. Tribune, Centurion, Primipilus, &c.
In Battle, Siege, March, Camp, &c.
Ranged in Line, Column, &c.
Mo- tions, Attack, Retreat, Halt, &c.
Evolutions, Wheeling, Counter- wheeling, &c.
Signals, Word, Drum, Chamade, &c.
Guards, Garison, Piquet, Patroll, Round, Quarter, Place of Arms, &c.
Standard, Banner, Eagle, Labarum, &c.
Their Arms, Artillery, Carabine, Musquet, &c.
Helmet, Buckler, Pelt a, Cuirass, &c.
Aries, Balista, Catapulta, Fundus, &c.

Optics Article Count:  0

OPTICS, including the Laws and Consideration of VISION, and Visible Objects ;
effected by means of Light, its Rays. Their Refrangibility, Reflexibility, &c.
Focus, Transparency, Opacity, Shadow, &c.----
Reflection thereof, in Mirror, Looking-glass, Catoptric Cislula, &c.----
Refraction, in Lens, Prism, Glass, &c.
Application, in Telescope, Microscope, Magic Lanthorn, &c.
Spectacle, Polemoscope, Polyhedron, Camera Obscura, &c.

Painting Article Count:  0

PAINTING, or the DESIGNING of Objects in Clair-obscure, Proportion, &c.
with Ordonnance, Expression, &c.
Circumstances hereof, Attitude, Contrast, Group, &c.
Kinds, Limning, Miniature, Camieux, Fresco, &c.
Enamelling, Mosaic, &c.

Perspective Article Count:  0

PERSPECTIVE, or the PROJECTION of Points, Lines, Planes, &c.
in Scenography, Orthography, Ichnography,Anamorphosis, &c.

Phonics Article Count:  0

PHONICS, or the Doctrine of SOUNDS, Voice, &c.
Their Modifications in Echo, Resonance, Whispering-Place, Speaking-Trumpet, &c.----
Their Tune, Gravity, Interval, &c.
Time, Triple, &c.
express'd by Note, Chord, &c.
Comparisons thereof, Concord, as Unison, Octave, Third, Fourth, Discord, &c.
Composition, as Melody, Harmony, Counter-point. Symphony, Synaulia, Chime, Song, Rhythmus, &c.
Kinds, Genera, Mode, &c.
Circumstances, Key, Cleff, Signature, Transposition, &c.
Staff, Scale, Gammut, Solfaing, Modulation, &c.
Instruments, Organ, Bell, Trumpet, Lyre, Cymbal, Violin, Harpsichord, &c.

Pneumatics Article Count:  0

PNEUMATICS, or the Consideration of the AIR ;
its Weight, Density. Pressure, Elasticity, &c.
Condensation, Rarefaction, Motion, Wind, &c.
In Air-pump, Suction, Vacuum, &c.
Measur'd by Barometer, Thermometer, Hygrometer, Manometer, &c.
Anemometer, Windmill, &c.

Pyrotechny Article Count:  0

including the Consideration and Use of Gun-pouder, Match, Fusee, &c.
Of Ordnance, Cannon, Gun, Mortar, &c.
Carriage, Charge, Projection, Range, Point-blank, Recoil, &c.
Petard, Carcass, Shot, Bomb, Granado, &c.
Rocket, Star, &c.

Sculpture Article Count:  0

SCULPTURE, or the framing of Statue, Figure, Ornament, &c.
in Relievo, Creux, &c.
as Carving, Pottery, Porcelain, &c.
Engraving, Seal, Dye, &c.
Etching, Cutting. Mezzo Tinto, &c.
Foundery, of Bell, Letter, Ordnance, &c.
Coining, Money, Medal, Medallion, &c.
Pile, Legend, &c.
Lapidary, Turnery, Inlaying, Vaneerlng, Damasqueening, Enchasing, &c.

Trades & manufactures Article Count:  1

TRADES and MANUFACTURES; as Printing, Papermaking, Book-binding, &c.
Gilding, Japanning, Glass-making, Grinding. &c.
Plumbery, Glaziery, Forging, Hammering, &c.
Weaving, Bleaching, Whitening, &c.
Fulling, Dying, Pressing, Sheering. Calendring, Tabying, Freezing, &c.
Woollen, Silk, Linum Incombustibile, &c.
Cloth, Serge, Taffety, Stocking, &c.
Velvet, Tapisiry, Hat, &c.
Tanning, Currying, Taking, &c.
Chamoising, Chagreen, Marroquin, &c.
Making Parchment, Glue, Gun-ponder, Smalt, Soap, Starch, &c.
Candle, Taper, Torch, &c.
Steel, Button, Pin, Needle, Pipe, Fan, Peruke, &c.

Navigation Article Count:  1

NAVIGATION, or the Consideration of SAILING ;
in Ship, Frigate, Bark, &c.
Parts thereof, Mast, Anchor, Sails, Yards, Cordage, Capstan, Rudder, Deck, &c.
Their Course, Rhumb, &c.
shewn by Compass, Needle, Variation, &c.
Directed by Steerage, Current, &c.
Distance or Reckoning, by Log, Observation, Longitude, Latitude, &c.
Taken by Fore-staff. Back-staff, Astrolabe, Nocturnal. Sinical Quadrant, &c.
Wrought by Gunter, Chart, Mercator, Traverse, &c.
The Operations of Sounding, Weighing, Careening. Signals, Buoy, &c.