Agriculture Article Count:  1

AGRICULTURE, or the Tillage and Improvement of SOILS, Clay, Sand, Earth, &c.
By the Operations of Ploughing, Fallowing, burning, Sembradore, Sowing, Manuring, &c.
To produce, Com, Hemp, Flax, Liquorice, Saffron, &c.
For Malt, Bread, &c.
Granary, Threshing, &c.
The Culture of Trees, Timber, &c.
by Planting, Lopping, Barking, &c.
For Coppice, Park, Paddock, Hedge, Pasiure, &c.

Manage Article Count:  3

MANAGE, including the Consideration of HORSES;
their Age Colour, Teeth, Hoof, Star, &c.
Paces, as Amble, Gallop, &c.
Airs, as Volt, Demivolt, Curvet, Capriole, &c.
Aid, Correction, Hani, Bit, &c.
Saddle, Shoe, Bridle, &c.
Diseases, as Halting, Farcy, Staggers, Scratches, Yellows, &c.
Operations, as Rowelling, Docking, Gelding, &c.----
Hawk, Hawking, Hood, &c.
Reclaiming, Casling, &c.
Pip, Filanders, &c.----
Hound, Hunting, &c.
Rut, Stalking, Birdlime, Tramel-net, Bat-fowling, &c.
---- Fish, Fishing, Fishery, &c.
Angling, Hook, Rod, Float, &c.
Bait, Fly, Huxing, &c.

Medicine Article Count:  28

MEDICINE, including the Consideration of LIFE and HEALTH;
Conditions thereof, Longevity, Strength, Temperament, &c.
Means, as Food, Drink, Exercise, &c.
Opposites, as Death, Disease, &c.
Kinds hereof, Chronic, Epidemic, Contagious, &c.
as Plague, Fever, Gout, Apoplexy, Epilepsy, Palsy. Pox, Polypus, Palpitation. Madness, Hydrophobia, Spasm, Hypochondriac, Phthifis, Scorbutus, Dropsy, Tympanites. Lepra, Itch, Plica, Ophthalmia, Gutta, Cataract, and the like. Wound, Ulcer, Cancer. Fracture, Fissure, Caries, and the like. Symptoms, Sign, Diagnostic, Pulse, Urine, &c.
Prescription, Crisis, Cure, &c.
Regimen, Diet, Medicine, &c.
Kinds hereof, Specific, Purgative, Emetic, Diaphoretic, Diuretic, Alterative, Styptic, Astringent, Emollient, Opiate. Absorbent, Caustic, Anodyne, Sympathetic. Cardiac, Cephalic, Febrifuge. Antimonial, Chalybeat, Mercurial, and the like. Operations, as Evacuation, Phlebotomy, Suture, Lithotomy, Amputation, Inoculation. Salivation, Couching, Cupping, Trepanning. Touching, Tapping, Stroking, Transfusion, Castration, Circumcision, and the like. 

Gardening Article Count:  3

GARDENING, including the Culture of HERBS, Flowers, Fruits, &c.
as Dwars, Standard, Stone, Wall, Espalier, Salted, &c.
The Operations of Planting, Transplanting, Replanting, Watering. Engrasting Inoculating, Primal, Pinching, Variegating, &c.
Preventing Disiasis, Blights, Gum, &c.
The Use and Ordering of a Hot-bell Green-house, Seminary. Nursery, Garden, Vineyard &c.
Their Exposure, Walls, Horizontal Shelter, &c.
Walks, Grass-Plot, Terrace, Quincunx, Parterre &c.

Pharmacy Article Count:  6

PHARMACY, or the Preparation and Composition of REMEDIES ;
as Mithridate, Treacle, Hiera Picra, Laudanum, Diasenna, Turbith, Calomel, &c.
in the Form of Electuary, Confection, Extract, Tincture, Syrup. Troche, Pill, Pouder, Lohoc, Potion, Apazem, Drops, medicated Ales, Wines, Waters. Unguent, Emplaster, Purge, Clyster, Suppository, Pessary, Collyrium, &c.
From Drugs, or Simples ; as, Guaiacum, Sassafras, Colocynthis, Crocus, Rhubarb, Cassia, Senna, Cortex, Styrax, Jalap, Scammony, Opium, &c.
Fats, Claws, Horns, &c.
of Viper, Crab, Elk, &c.
Cantharides, Millepedes, Mummy, Usnea, Ichthyocolla, &c.
Antimony, Orpiment, Asphaltus, Bismuth, Marcasite, Bole, Cinnabar, Mars, Venus, &c.

Anatomy Article Count:  24

ANATOMY, or the Analysis of ANIMAL BODIES, and their PARTS,
viz. Bones, as Cranium. Rib, Vertebra, Radius, Femur, Tibia. Sacrum, Pubis, Patella, &c.
Their Articulation, Apophyses, &c.
Muscles, Abductor, Adductor, Erector, Depressor, Deltoides, Sartorius, Cucullaris, Orbicularis, Sphincter, &c.
Their Tendons, Fibres, &c.
Vessels, as Artery, Aorta, Aspera, Trachea, Pulmonary, &c.
Veins, as Cava, Porta, Jugular, Carotid, &c.
Glands, as Pancreas, Parotides, Prostates, &c.
Nerves; Optic, Olfactory, Auditory, &c.
Lymphatic, Lacteal, Mesaraic, Mucilaginous, &c.
Their Valves, Tunics, Anastomases, &c.
Their Humours, as Chyle, Blood, Spirit, Seed, Gall, Urine, Milk, Sweat, Marrow, &c.
Membranes ; Pannicle, Cutis, Cuticula, Papilla, &c.
Venters, Head, Meninges, Brain, &c.
Eye, Ear, Pupil, Tympanum. Tongue, Teeth, Palate, Larynx, Glottis, Oesophagus, &c.
Viscera, Stomach, Lungs, Heart, &c.
Liver, Spleen, Kidney, Intestines, Bladder, &c.
Functions or Operations hereof, Respiration, Deglutition, Digestion, Chylisication, Sanguification, Circulation, Systole, Nutrition. Secretion, Excretion, Perspiration, Vo- miting, &c.
Genitals, Penis, Testicle, Clitoris, Matrix, Nympha, Hymen. Embryo, Zoophyte, Mole, &c.
Erection, Generation, Conception, Geslation. Delivery, Lochia, Menses, &c.