Ethics Article Count:  4

ETHICS, or the Consederation of Natural Inclinations, Passions,Tastes, &c.
Objects thereof, as Good, Evil, Virtue, Vice, Beauty, Deformity, &c.
Pleasure, Pain, &c.
Rectitude, Equity, Conscience, &c.
Law, Obligation, &c.
Will, Liberty, Action, Assent, &c.
Neccssity, Premotion, Providence, &c.
Systems hereof, Stoicism, Platonism, Academy, Cynic, and the like.

Law Article Count:  71

LAW or the Rules and Measures of SOCIETY ;
publish'd in Act, Statute, Charter, Rescript, Constitution, Decretal, Senatus-consultum, Pragmatic Sanction, &c.
Recorded, in institute, Code, Novel, Register, Pandect, Corpus, Domesday, &c.
Kinds, Civil, Canon, Sumptuary, &c.
1°, Persons, as the King; his Prerogative, Royalties, &c.
viz. granting Dispensation, Pardon, Commendam, Exemption. Dignities' Franchises. Forest, Park, Purlieu, Vert, Chase. Impost, Subsidy, Toll, Tax, Aid, Hidage, Scutage, Prisage. Waif, Estray, Escheat, Treasure Trove &c.
Officers and Magistrates, erected by Writ, Warrant, Commission, &c.
Their Oath, Tesi, Declaration. Visitation, Procuration, &c.
Corporations, Regular, Secular, &c.
made by Charter, Patent, &c.
dissolved by Quo Warranto, Mandamus, &c.
Subjects, as Denizen, Naturalization. Husband, Wife, Marriage, Concubine, Separation, Alimony, Bower, Assinity, Bastard. Adoption, Emancipation. Lord, Tenant, Villain, Vajsal. Client, Patron. Servant, Slave, Retainer. Manumission, Enfranchising, &c.
Tenure, Service, Homage, Fealty, Serjeanty, Escuage, Relief, Guardian, Wardship, Socage. Heir, Intestate, Ancecstor, &c.
2°,Estates or Things ; either Real, as Tenements, Hereditaments. Freehold, Fee, Customary, Tail, Gavelkind, Courtesy, &c.
In Reversion, Mortgage, Hypotheca, &c.
Manor, Demesn, Honours, Common, Glebe, Advowson, &c.
Acquired by Occupancy, Prescription, Descent, Deed, Feoffment, Fine, Recovery. Defeizance, Lease, Devise, Attournment, Investiture, Livery, &c.
Lost by Alienation, Mortmain, Disseisin, Abatement. Surrender, Discontinuance, Disclaimer, Forfeiture, Resignation, Deprivation, Lapse,&c.
Or Personal, as Goods, Chattels, Emblements, Annuity, Debts, Specialty, Recognizance, &c.
Acquired by Succession, Heriot, Mortuary, Heir Loom. Teslament, Executor, Administrator, Ordinary. Judgment, Fieri sacias, &c.
3°, Wrongs or Injuries ; either Criminal, and'to Persons, as Treason, Parricide, Murder, Felony, Assault, Rape, Assassin. Adultery, Fornication, Defloration, Polygamy, Heresy, &c.
Prosecuted by Indictment, Accusation, Actions of Conspiracy, and upon the Case, Habeas Corpus, &c.
Punish'd, with Hanging, Crucifixion, Wheel, Furca, Scala, Pillory, Transportation, Divorce, Scaphism, &c.
Or Civil, and to Things; as Trespass, Nuisance, Deforcement, &c.
Remedied by Writs of Quare Impedit, Darrein Presentment, Appeal, Atteint, Error, Right, Disceit, Superfedeas, Audita Querela, &c.
Suit, or Course of Proceedings whereby Redress is procured; including, 
1°, Process, either by Bill, Summons, Subpoena, Attachment, Capias, Exigent, &c.
to which belong Appearance, Attorney, Bail, Essoign, Default, Nonsuit, Arraignment, &c.
2°, Pleading ; whence Count, Declaration, Aid Praier, Voucher, Age Prier, Bar, Abate, Release, Replication, Outlawry, Sequestration, &c.
3°, Ussue; whence Demurrer. 
4°, Trial; whence Proof, Evidence, Presumption, Oath, Affidavit, Affirmation. Jury, Challenge, Array, Verdict. Battel, Duel, Champion, Purgation, Ordeal, &c.
Paine sort & duret, Rack, Torture, &c.
5°, Judgments whence Arrest, &c.
6°, Execution ; whence Scire facias, Reprieve, &c.

Politics Article Count:  9

POLICY, or the Consideration of SOCIETY and COMMONWEAL;
Its Origin, in Contract, &c.
Constitutions and Forms thereof, as, 1°, Monarchy, Despotism, &c.
Powers thereof, King, Queen, Prince, Duke. Emperor, Sultan, Sophy, Caliph, Cæsar, Czar, Inca, Ethnarch, Tetrarch, Despot, and the like. Their Titles, Majesty, Highness, Grace, Excellence, and the like. Their Regalia, Crown, Sceptre, Tiara, Fasces,&c.
2°, Aristocracy ; its Powers, as Archon, Dictator, Doge, Senate, Council, &c.
3°, Democracy ; States-General, Stadtholder, Protector, &c.
Their Succession, Elective, Hereditary, by Primogeniture, &c.
Their Transactions, as Peace, War, Treaty, Union, League, Croisade, &c.
By Armies, Fleets, Embassies. Secretary, Plenipotentiary, Envoy, Legate, Nuntio, &c.
Their Territories, Empire, Principality, Signory, &c.
Their Estates, Nobles, Commons, Clergy. Census, Enumeration, Tribe, Quarter, &c.
Province, Circle, County, City, Town, &c.
Magistrature, Chancellor, Judge, Sheriff, Justice, Mayor, Alderman, Bailiff, Constabte. Inter-Rex, Consul, Pretor, Censor, Vizir. Tribune, Triumvir, Provost, Ephori, Ædile, Prefect, Questor, Proconsul. Vice-Roy, Lieutenant, Steward, Warden, Keeper. Jurisconsultus, Procurator, Advocate, Barrister, Prothonotary, Custos, Philazer, Chirographer, Usher, Clerk, &c.
Their Jurisdiction ; Courts, as Areopagus, Comitia, &c.
Parliament, Diet, Divan. Chamber, Assize, Privy Council, &c.
Chancery, King's-Bench , Exchequer, Admiralty, Verge, Sessions, Turn, County Court, Leet, Eyre, &c.
Terms, Circuits, Commissions, Oyer. Convocation, Arches, Prerogative, Faculties, Delegates, Rota, Inquisition, &c.
Their Revenues, Treasury, Fise, Exchequer, Tally, Political Arithmetic. Duties, Customs, Gabel, Excise, &c.
Coinage, Money, Interest, Usitry, &c.
Their Houshold, Chamber, Green-Cloth, Ward-robe, &c.
Under Steward, Chamberlain, Comptroller, Cosferer, Aga, Oda, &c.
Guard, Stables, Ordnance, &c.
directed by Captain, Master, Equerry, &c.
Militia, Navy, Post, Timariot, Arriere-ban, &c.
Dignities, Dauphin, Elector, Palatine, Grave, Palsgrave. Thane, Earl, Count, Knight, Garter, Baronet, Bath, Teutonic, Malta, Elephant, &c.
Gentleman, Yeoman, &c.
Their Names, Sirnames, Titles, Precedence, &c.
Factions, Patrician, Guelf, Tory, &c.
Corporations, or lesser Communities, University, Academy, College, Society, Chapter, School, Hospital, Inn. Public Edifices , Guildhall, Prison, Tower, Arsenal, Library, Musæum, Circus &c.
Solemn Ceremonies, as Triumph, Tournament, Canousel, Quadril. Donative, Medal, Trophy, Monument, Funeral, Tomb, Catacomb, &c.

Theology Article Count:  22

THEOLOGY, or the Consideration of GOD:
his Nature and Attributes, as Eternity, Ubiquity, &c.
His Unity, Trinity, &c.
Persons, Hypostasis. &c.
Our Duty to him, discover'd by Inspiration, Revelation, Prophecy, &c.
by the Mesiah, Evangelisis, Apostles, &c.
In the Bible, Pentateuch, Hagiographa, Psalter, Gospel, Apocalypse, &c.
Canon, Deuterocanonical, Apocrypha, &c.
Circumstances thereof, Style, Allegory, Type, Parable, Mystical, &c.
Text, Versim, Septuagint, Vulgate, &c.
Paraphrase, Targum, &c.
Points, Quotations, &c.
Matter thereof; Declarations, of Incarnation, Passion, Crucifixion, Miracle, &c.
Inunctions, as Worship, Prayer, Sacrifice, &c.
Sacraments, as Eucharist, Baptism, &c.
Promises, as Grace, Justification, &c.
Decrees, as Predestination, Election, Reprobation, &c.
Breaches on our Part, Sin, Apostacy, Imputation, &c.
Remedies thereof, by Repentance, Confession, &c.
Rewards and Punishments allotted thereto, Heaven, Hell, Resurrection, Immortality , &c.
His Ministers, Angels, Devil, &c.
His Church, either Triumphant, as Saints, Martyrs, Confessors, Fathers, Doctors, &c.
or Militant, &c.
Its Offices, Creed, Liturgy, Decalogue, Doxology, Trisagion,&c.
Discipline, Rites, &c.
as Absolution, Anathema, Excommunication, &c.
Catechumen, Confirmation, Genuslexion, &c.
Its Priesthood, as Bishop, Priest, Deacon, &c.
Patriarch, Archbishop, Primate, Dean, Canon, Prebend, Archdeacon, Chantor, &c.
Their Ensigns, Mitre, Crozier, Pallium, &c.
Their Ordination, Con secration, Collation, Imposition, &c.
Benefices, Revenues, Tithes, &c.
Places set apart, as Church, Chapel, Oratory, &c.
Cathedral, Parochial, Cardinal, &c.
Choir, Nave, Altar, Font &c.
Dhcese, Province, &c.
Assemblies, as Synod, Council, Convocation, Consistory, Chapter, Presbytery, &c.
Feasts, Fasts Lent, Vigils &c.
Easter, Epiphany, Pentecost, Annunciation, Purification, Presentation, &c.
Particular Systems or Prosessions thereof, viz. Reformed or Protestant, as the Church of England, Lutheranism, Calvinism &c.
Romish or Latin ; its Mass, Breviary, Legend, &c.
Fransubstantiaticn, Extreme Unction, Supererogation, Penance, &c.
Hierarchy ; Pope, Cardinal, &c.
Secular, Regular, Monk, Religious, Abbot, Prior, &c.
Order, Congregation, Monastery,General, &c.
Jesuit, Carthusian, Carmelite, Francisan, Dominican, &c.
Third Order, Cenobite, Anchorite, Hermit, Recluse, Monastery, Cell, &c.
Rule, Vow, Reform, Noviciate, &c.
Image, Relicks, Saint, Virgin, Rosary, &c.
Canonization, Beatification, &c.
Indulgence, Jubilee, Exorcism, &c.
Greek, its Anthologue, Prothesis, Particles, &c.
Maronite, Jacobite, Thomæan, &c.
Armenian, Cophti, Solitary, &c.----
Sects, and Heresies ; as Manichees, Gnostics, Arians, &c.
Ebionites, Nestorians, Millenaries, Quartodecimans, &c.
Montanists, Socinians, Arminians, &c.
Presbyterians, Anabaptists, Independents, Quakers, &c.
Quietisls, Servetists, Pre-adamites, &c.
Deist, Atheist, Spinosism, &c.----
Jewish, its Talmud, Tradition, &c.
Temple, Tabernacle, Sanctuary, Ark, &c.
Pontiff, Levite, Tribe, &c.
Ephod, Theraphim, Circumcision, Sabbath, Sanhedrim, &c.
Rabbin, Doctor, Cabbala, Massora, &c.
Pharisee, Sadducee, Essean, Caraite, &c.
Nazarite, Therapeuta, &c.
Samaritan, Dosithean, Hellenist, &c.
Passover, Scenopegia, Gehenna, &c.----
Mahometan ; Their Alcoran, Musti, Dervice, Mosque, Mussulman, &c.----
Heathen ; Their Idolatry, Theogony, &c.
Their Gods ; Penates, Lares, Lemures, &c.
Panes, Sylvans, Nymphs, Tritons, &c.
Demi-god, Hero, Fortune, Destiny, Dæmon, Genius, &c.
Apotheosis, Sacrifice, &c.
Feast, Læiration, &c.
as Eleufinia, Saturnalia, Cerealta. &c.
Ministers thereof ; Rex, Pontifex, Flamen, Vestal, Corybantes, &c.
Games ; Olympic, Isthmean, &c.
Divination, Oracle, Pythian, Sibyl, &c.
Augur, Auspex, &c.
Temple, Fane, Pagod, &c.
Sects ; as Banians, Bramans, Sabæans, &c.