1 METEOROLOGY, or the History of AIR and ATMOSPHERE:
1°, that of its Contents, Æther,Fire,Vapour, Exhalation, &c.
2°, Meteors form'd therein, as Cloud, Rain, Shower, Drop, Snow, Hail, Dew, Damp, &c.
Rainbow, Parhelion, Halo, Thunder, Water- spout, &c.
Winds, Mon-soon, Hurricane, and the like.

2 HYDROLOGY, or the History of WATER ;
including that of Springs, Rivers, Acida, &c.
of Lake, Sea, Ocean, &c.
of Tides, Deluge, and the like.

3 MINEROLOGY, or the History of EARTH;
1°, Its Parts, as Mountain, Mine, Moss, Bog, Grotto ; and their Phænomena, as Earth, quake, Volcano, Conflagration, &c.
Its Strata, as Clay, Bole, Sand &c.
2°, Fossils or Minerals, as Metals, Gold, Silver, Mercury, &c.
with Operations relating to 'em, as Fusion, Refining, Purifying, Parting, Essaying, &c.
Litharge, Lavatory, Pinea, &c.
Salts, as Nitre, Natron, Gemma, Allum, Armoniac, Borax, &c.
Sulphurs, as Arsenic, Amber, Ambergrease, Coal, Bitumen, Naphtha, Petrol, &c.
Semi-metals, as Antimony, Cinnabar, Marcasite, Magnet, Bismuth, Calamine, Cobalt, &c.
Stones, as Marble, Porphyry, Slate, Asbestos, &c.
Gems, as Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Opal, Turcoise, &c.
Emery, Lapis, &c.
whence Ultramarine, Azure, &c.
Petrisactions, as Crystal, Spar, Stalactites, Trochites, Cornu Ammonis, and the like.

4 PHYTOLOGY, or the History of PLANTS ;
their Origin, in the Seed, Fruit, &c.
Their Kinds, as Tree, Herb, &c.
extraordinary Species, as Tea, Coffee, Paraguay, Vine, Ginseng, Cotton, Tobacco, &c.
Coral, Mushroom, Truffle, Parasite, Misselto, Moss, &c.
Parts, as Root, Stone, flower ; Wood, as Guaiacum, Sassafras, Ebony, Aloes, &c.
Leaf, as Foliation, Roll, &c.
Bark, Quinquina, &c.
Pislil, Farina, Stamina, &c.
Operations thereof, as Vegetation, Germination, Circulation, &c.
Circumstances, as Perpendicularity, Parallelism, Fertility, &c.
Productions, as Honey, Wax, Balm, Sugar, Manna, &c.
Cum, Restn, Camphor, &c.
Indigo, Opium, Galls, and the like.

5 ZOOLOGY, or the History of ANIMALS:
Their Origin in Egg, Embryo, Fœtus, Generation, Conception, Gestation, Hatching, Migration, &c.
Their Kinds, as Quadruped, Bird, Fish, Insect, Reptile, Ruminant, Carnivorous, &c.
Extraordinary Species, as Unicorn, Torpedo, Tarantula, Tortoise, Cameleon, Salamander, &c.
Barnacle, Anchovy, Death-Watch, &c.
Monsters, as Double Animals, Hermaphrodite, Mule, Pigmy, Giant, &c.
Metamorphoses, as Aurelia, Metempsychosis, &c.
Parts, as Head, Hand, Foot, Finger, Tail, Fin, Wing, Gills, &c.
Covering, as Hair, Wool, Silk, Feathers, &c.
Armature; as Nail, Sting, Horn, Tooth, Shell, Proboscis, Web, &c.
Productions, as Pearl, Bezoard, Castoreum, Civet, Meconium, Mummy, Usnea, &c.
Kermes, Cochineal, &c.
Motion, as Flying, Swimming, and the like.

6 PHYSICS, or the Doctrine of CAUSES;
as Nature, Law, &c.
Occasions or Means, as Principle, Matter, Form, &c.
Their Composition or Constitution, in Element, Atom, Particle, Body. Chaos, World, Universe, Space, Vacuum, &c.
Properties of Body, as Extension, Solidity, Figure, Divisibility, &c.
Powers thereof, as Attraction, Cohesion, Gravitation, Repulsion. Elasticity, Electricity, Magnetism, &c.
Qualities, as Fluidity, Firmness, Ductility, Hardness, Volatility, Density, Polarity, &c.
Light, Heat, Cold, &c.
Operations or Effects thereof, as Motion, Rarefaction, Dilatation, Condensation. Dissolution, Ebullition, Freezing, Evaporation, Fermentation, Digestion, Effervescence, &c.
Vision, Seeing, Hearing, Feeling, Smelling, &c.
Modifications or Changes, as Alteration, Corruption, Putresaction, Generation, Degeneration, Transmutation, &c.
Systems or Hypothecs hereof, Corpuscular, Epicurean, Aristotelian, Peripatetic, Cartesian, Newtonian, &c.----
Occult and Fictitious Qualities, Powers, and Operations, Antiperistasis, Sympathy, Antipathy, Archæus, &c.
Magic, Witchcrast, Virgula Divina, Ligature, Talisman, Cabbala, &c.
Druid, Bard, Brachman, Gymnosophist, Magi, Rosicrucian, and the like.

7 METAPHYSICS, or the Doctrine of ENS,
Essence, Existence, Power, Act, Undemanding, &c.
The Mind, Its Faculties, Apprehension, Judgment. Imagination, Reason, Wit, &c.
Its Operations, Retention, Reflection, Association, Abstraction, &c.
Its Perceptions, as Substance, Accident, Mode, &c.
Relations, as Unity, Multitude, Infinity, Universal, &c.
Quantity, Quality, Whole, Part, &c.
Genus, Species, Difference, &c.
Proper, Opposite, Circumslance, External, &c.
Effects hereof, Knowledge, Science, Art, Experience, &c.
Conditions, Probability, Certainty, Fallacy, &c.
Systems hereof, Nominals, Scotists, &c.

8 ARITHMETIC, including the Doctrine of DISCRETE or Discontinuous QUANTITY,
viz. Number, Ratio, Proportion,&c.
Kinds, as Integer, Fraction, Decimal, Surd, &c.
Relations, as Root, Power, Square, Cube, &c.
Rules or Operations thereof, as Notation, Numeration, Addition, Subtraction, &c.
Reduction, Practice, Position, &c.
Extraction, Approximation, &c.
Instruments subservient thereto, as Logarithms, Nepair's Bones, &c.

9 ANALYTICS, or the Resolution of PROBLEMS by Species or Symbolical Expressions :
Rules or Operations hereof, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, &c.
Application thereof, in Combinations, Permutations, Magic Squares, Chances, Gaming, &c.
Series, Progressions, &c.
Methods de Maximis, Fluxions, Exponentials, Tangents, &c.

10 ALGEBRA, or the Doctrine of EQUATIONS ;
Simple, Quadratic, Cubic, &c.
Operations thereof, as Reduction, Construction, &c.

11 GEOMETRY,or the Doctrine of EXTENDED, or Continuous QUANTITY,
viz. l°, Lines, Right, Perpendicular, Parallel, Oblique, &c.
Angles, Acute, Scalenous, Vertical, Opposite, &c.
z°, Figures, or Surfaces, Triangle, Square, Parallelogram, Trapezium, Polygon, &c.
Circumstances hereof, as Perimeter, Area, &c.
Operations relating hereto, as Bissecting, Dividing, Multiplying, Measuring, &c.
Instruments used therein, as Compasses, Ruler, Square, Parallelism, Scale, &c.
Curves, as Circle, Cycloid, Cissoid, Catenaria, Caustic, Evolute, quadratrix, &c.
Circumstances thereof, as Axis, Diameter, Radius, Centre, Circumference, Absciss, Ordinate, &c.
Arch, Chord, Sine, Tangent, Secant, &c.
Instruments used herein, as Artificial Lines, Canons, &c.
Operations arising herefrom, as Surveying, taking Angles or Bearings, &c.
with Quadrant, Plain-Table, Semicircle, Circumferentor, &c.
taking Distances, with Chain, Perambulator, &c.
Plotting into Draught, Map, &c.
with Protractor, &c.
3°, Solids or Bodies, as Cube, Parallelepiped, Prism, Pyramid, Cylinder, Polyhedron, &c.
Their Surface, Solidity, &c.
Operations relating hereto, as Cubature, measuring of Timber, Gauging, &c.
Instruments used herein, as Carpenters Rule, Sector, Sliding Rule, Gauging Rod, &c.----
The Sphere, its Doctrine, Projection, &c.
Application thereof, in Planisphere, Analemma, &c.----
The Cone, its Sections, Ellipsis, Parabola, Hyperbola, &c.
Their Asymptotes, Foci, &c.
Their Construction, Quadrature, Rectification, &c.

12 STATICS, or the Doctrine of MOTION ;
Its Laws, Velocity, Momentum, &c.
Causes, as Gravity, Percussion, Communication, &c.
Modifications, as Composition, Acceleration, Retardation, Reflection, Refraction, &c.
Kinds, as Ascent, Descent, Central, Centripetal, &c.
Oscillation, Undulation, Projection, &c.
Powers or Applications thereof, in Lever, Screw, &c.
Pendulum, Projectile, &c.
Operations directed hereby, as Gunnery, the Mechanical Arts, &c.
enumerated hereafter.

13 ETHICS, or the Consederation of Natural Inclinations, Passions,Tastes, &c.
Objects thereof, as Good, Evil, Virtue, Vice, Beauty, Deformity, &c.
Pleasure, Pain, &c.
Rectitude, Equity, Conscience, &c.
Law, Obligation, &c.
Will, Liberty, Action, Assent, &c.
Neccssity, Premotion, Providence, &c.
Systems hereof, Stoicism, Platonism, Academy, Cynic, and the like.

14 POLICY, or the Consideration of SOCIETY and COMMONWEAL;
Its Origin, in Contract, &c.
Constitutions and Forms thereof, as, 1°, Monarchy, Despotism, &c.
Powers thereof, King, Queen, Prince, Duke. Emperor, Sultan, Sophy, Caliph, Cæsar, Czar, Inca, Ethnarch, Tetrarch, Despot, and the like. Their Titles, Majesty, Highness, Grace, Excellence, and the like. Their Regalia, Crown, Sceptre, Tiara, Fasces,&c.
2°, Aristocracy ; its Powers, as Archon, Dictator, Doge, Senate, Council, &c.
3°, Democracy ; States-General, Stadtholder, Protector, &c.
Their Succession, Elective, Hereditary, by Primogeniture, &c.
Their Transactions, as Peace, War, Treaty, Union, League, Croisade, &c.
By Armies, Fleets, Embassies. Secretary, Plenipotentiary, Envoy, Legate, Nuntio, &c.
Their Territories, Empire, Principality, Signory, &c.
Their Estates, Nobles, Commons, Clergy. Census, Enumeration, Tribe, Quarter, &c.
Province, Circle, County, City, Town, &c.
Magistrature, Chancellor, Judge, Sheriff, Justice, Mayor, Alderman, Bailiff, Constabte. Inter-Rex, Consul, Pretor, Censor, Vizir. Tribune, Triumvir, Provost, Ephori, Ædile, Prefect, Questor, Proconsul. Vice-Roy, Lieutenant, Steward, Warden, Keeper. Jurisconsultus, Procurator, Advocate, Barrister, Prothonotary, Custos, Philazer, Chirographer, Usher, Clerk, &c.
Their Jurisdiction ; Courts, as Areopagus, Comitia, &c.
Parliament, Diet, Divan. Chamber, Assize, Privy Council, &c.
Chancery, King's-Bench , Exchequer, Admiralty, Verge, Sessions, Turn, County Court, Leet, Eyre, &c.
Terms, Circuits, Commissions, Oyer. Convocation, Arches, Prerogative, Faculties, Delegates, Rota, Inquisition, &c.
Their Revenues, Treasury, Fise, Exchequer, Tally, Political Arithmetic. Duties, Customs, Gabel, Excise, &c.
Coinage, Money, Interest, Usitry, &c.
Their Houshold, Chamber, Green-Cloth, Ward-robe, &c.
Under Steward, Chamberlain, Comptroller, Cosferer, Aga, Oda, &c.
Guard, Stables, Ordnance, &c.
directed by Captain, Master, Equerry, &c.
Militia, Navy, Post, Timariot, Arriere-ban, &c.
Dignities, Dauphin, Elector, Palatine, Grave, Palsgrave. Thane, Earl, Count, Knight, Garter, Baronet, Bath, Teutonic, Malta, Elephant, &c.
Gentleman, Yeoman, &c.
Their Names, Sirnames, Titles, Precedence, &c.
Factions, Patrician, Guelf, Tory, &c.
Corporations, or lesser Communities, University, Academy, College, Society, Chapter, School, Hospital, Inn. Public Edifices , Guildhall, Prison, Tower, Arsenal, Library, Musæum, Circus &c.
Solemn Ceremonies, as Triumph, Tournament, Canousel, Quadril. Donative, Medal, Trophy, Monument, Funeral, Tomb, Catacomb, &c.

15 LAW or the Rules and Measures of SOCIETY ;
publish'd in Act, Statute, Charter, Rescript, Constitution, Decretal, Senatus-consultum, Pragmatic Sanction, &c.
Recorded, in institute, Code, Novel, Register, Pandect, Corpus, Domesday, &c.
Kinds, Civil, Canon, Sumptuary, &c.
Respecting, 1°, Persons, as the King; his Prerogative, Royalties, &c.
viz. granting Dispensation, Pardon, Commendam, Exemption. Dignities' Franchises. Forest, Park, Purlieu, Vert, Chase. Impost, Subsidy, Toll, Tax, Aid, Hidage, Scutage, Prisage. Waif, Estray, Escheat, Treasure Trove &c.
Officers and Magistrates, erected by Writ, Warrant, Commission, &c.
Their Oath, Tesi, Declaration. Visitation, Procuration, &c.
Corporations, Regular, Secular, &c.
made by Charter, Patent, &c.
dissolved by Quo Warranto, Mandamus, &c.
Subjects, as Denizen, Naturalization. Husband, Wife, Marriage, Concubine, Separation, Alimony, Bower, Assinity, Bastard. Adoption, Emancipation. Lord, Tenant, Villain, Vajsal. Client, Patron. Servant, Slave, Retainer. Manumission, Enfranchising, &c.
Tenure, Service, Homage, Fealty, Serjeanty, Escuage, Relief, Guardian, Wardship, Socage. Heir, Intestate, Ancecstor, &c.
i°,Estates or Things ; either Real, as Tenements, Hereditaments. Freehold, Fee, Customary, Tail, Gavelkind, Courtesy, &c.
In Reversion, Mortgage, Hypotheca, &c.
Manor, Demesn, Honours, Common, Glebe, Advowson, &c.
Acquired by Occupancy, Prescription, Descent, Deed, Feoffment, Fine, Recovery. Defeizance, Lease, Devise, Attournment, Investiture, Livery, &c.
Lost by Alienation, Mortmain, Disseisin, Abatement. Surrender, Discontinuance, Disclaimer, Forfeiture, Resignation, Deprivation, Lapse,&c.
Or Personal, as Goods, Chattels, Emblements, Annuity, Debts, Specialty, Recognizance, &c.
Acquired by Succession, Heriot, Mortuary, Heir Loom. Teslament, Executor, Administrator, Ordinary. Judgment, Fieri sacias, &c.----
3°, Wrongs or Injuries ; either Criminal, and'to Persons, as Treason, Parricide, Murder, Felony, Assault, Rape, Assassin. Adultery, Fornication, Defloration, Polygamy, Heresy, &c.
Prosecuted by Indictment, Accusation, Actions of Conspiracy, and upon the Case, Habeas Corpus, &c.
Punish'd, with Hanging, Crucifixion, Wheel, Furca, Scala, Pillory, Transportation, Divorce, Scaphism, &c.
Or Civil, and to Things; as Trespass, Nuisance, Deforcement, &c.
Remedied by Writs of Quare Impedit, Darrein Presentment, Appeal, Atteint, Error, Right, Disceit, Superfedeas, Audita Querela, &c.
Suit, or Course of Proceedings whereby Redress is procured; including, 1°, Process, either by Bill, Summons, Subpoena, Attachment, Capias, Exigent, &c.
to which belong Appearance, Attorney, Bail, Essoign, Default, Nonsuit, Arraignment, &c.
2°, Pleading ; whence Count, Declaration, Aid Praier, Voucher, Age Prier, Bar, Abate, Release, Replication, Outlawry, Sequestration, &c.
3°, Ussue; whence Demurrer. 4°, Trial; whence Proof, Evidence, Presumption, Oath, Affidavit, Affirmation. Jury, Challenge, Array, Verdict. Battel, Duel, Champion, Purgation, Ordeal, &c.
Paine sort & duret, Rack, Torture, &c.
5°, Judgments whence Arrest, &c.
6°, Execution ; whence Scire facias, Reprieve, &c.

16 THEOLOGY, or the Consideration of GOD:
his Nature and Attributes, as Eternity, Ubiquity, &c.
His Unity, Trinity, &c.
Persons, Hypostasis. &c.
Our Duty to him, discover'd by Inspiration, Revelation, Prophecy, &c.
by the Mesiah, Evangelisis, Apostles, &c.
In the Bible, Pentateuch, Hagiographa, Psalter, Gospel, Apocalypse, &c.
Canon, Deuterocanonical, Apocrypha, &c.
Circumstances thereof, Style, Allegory, Type, Parable, Mystical, &c.
Text, Versim, Septuagint, Vulgate, &c.
Paraphrase, Targum, &c.
Points, Quotations, &c.
Matter thereof; Declarations, of Incarnation, Passion, Crucifixion, Miracle, &c.
Inunctions, as Worship, Prayer, Sacrifice, &c.
Sacraments, as Eucharist, Baptism, &c.
Promises, as Grace, Justification, &c.
Decrees, as Predestination, Election, Reprobation, &c.
Breaches on our Part, Sin, Apostacy, Imputation, &c.
Remedies thereof, by Repentance, Confession, &c.
Rewards and Punishments allotted thereto, Heaven, Hell, Resurrection, Immortality , &c.
His Ministers, Angels, Devil, &c.
His Church, either Triumphant, as Saints, Martyrs, Confessors, Fathers, Doctors, &c.
or Militant, &c.
Its Offices, Creed, Liturgy, Decalogue, Doxology, Trisagion,&c.
Discipline, Rites, &c.
as Absolution, Anathema, Excommunication, &c.
Catechumen, Confirmation, Genuslexion, &c.
Its Priesthood, as Bishop, Priest, Deacon, &c.
Patriarch, Archbishop, Primate, Dean, Canon, Prebend, Archdeacon, Chantor, &c.
Their Ensigns, Mitre, Crozier, Pallium, &c.
Their Ordination, Con secration, Collation, Imposition, &c.
Benefices, Revenues, Tithes, &c.
Places set apart, as Church, Chapel, Oratory, &c.
Cathedral, Parochial, Cardinal, &c.
Choir, Nave, Altar, Font &c.
Dhcese, Province, &c.
Assemblies, as Synod, Council, Convocation, Consistory, Chapter, Presbytery, &c.
Feasts, Fasts Lent, Vigils &c.
Easter, Epiphany, Pentecost, Annunciation, Purification, Presentation, &c.
Particular Systems or Prosessions thereof, viz. Reformed or Protestant, as the Church of England, Lutheranism, Calvinism &c.
Romish or Latin ; its Mass, Breviary, Legend, &c.
Fransubstantiaticn, Extreme Unction, Supererogation, Penance, &c.
Hierarchy ; Pope, Cardinal, &c.
Secular, Regular, Monk, Religious, Abbot, Prior, &c.
Order, Congregation, Monastery,General, &c.
Jesuit, Carthusian, Carmelite, Francisan, Dominican, &c.
Third Order, Cenobite, Anchorite, Hermit, Recluse, Monastery, Cell, &c.
Rule, Vow, Reform, Noviciate, &c.
Image, Relicks, Saint, Virgin, Rosary, &c.
Canonization, Beatification, &c.
Indulgence, Jubilee, Exorcism, &c.
Greek, its Anthologue, Prothesis, Particles, &c.
Maronite, Jacobite, Thomæan, &c.
Armenian, Cophti, Solitary, &c.----
Sects, and Heresies ; as Manichees, Gnostics, Arians, &c.
Ebionites, Nestorians, Millenaries, Quartodecimans, &c.
Montanists, Socinians, Arminians, &c.
Presbyterians, Anabaptists, Independents, Quakers, &c.
Quietisls, Servetists, Pre-adamites, &c.
Deist, Atheist, Spinosism, &c.----
Jewish, its Talmud, Tradition, &c.
Temple, Tabernacle, Sanctuary, Ark, &c.
Pontiff, Levite, Tribe, &c.
Ephod, Theraphim, Circumcision, Sabbath, Sanhedrim, &c.
Rabbin, Doctor, Cabbala, Massora, &c.
Pharisee, Sadducee, Essean, Caraite, &c.
Nazarite, Therapeuta, &c.
Samaritan, Dosithean, Hellenist, &c.
Passover, Scenopegia, Gehenna, &c.----
Mahometan ; Their Alcoran, Musti, Dervice, Mosque, Mussulman, &c.----
Heathen ; Their Idolatry, Theogony, &c.
Their Gods ; Penates, Lares, Lemures, &c.
Panes, Sylvans, Nymphs, Tritons, &c.
Demi-god, Hero, Fortune, Destiny, Dæmon, Genius, &c.
Apotheosis, Sacrifice, &c.
Feast, Læiration, &c.
as Eleufinia, Saturnalia, Cerealta. &c.
Ministers thereof ; Rex, Pontifex, Flamen, Vestal, Corybantes, &c.
Games ; Olympic, Isthmean, &c.
Divination, Oracle, Pythian, Sibyl, &c.
Augur, Auspex, &c.
Temple, Fane, Pagod, &c.
Sects ; as Banians, Bramans, Sabæans, &c.

17 LOGICS, or the Consideration of IDEAS or NOTIONS;
Their Kinds, Simple, Complex, Adequate, &c.
Disposition, into Classes or Categories, Predicaments, Predicates, &c.
Their Composition, or Association into Axioms, Propositions, Problems, Theorems, Theses, Hypotheses. Arguments, as Syllogism, Enthymeme, Sorites, Sophism, Dilemma, Crocodilus. &c.
Their Resolution, Definition, Division, &c.
into Premisses, Censequences, Terms, &c.
Their Truth, Falhood, Evidence, Demonstration, &c.
Operations therewith, as Argumentation, Induction, Discoursing, Philosophizing, &c.
Disputation, Distinction, Contradiction, Reductio ad absurdum, &c.

18 CHYMISTRY, including the Use of FIRE, Water, Baths, Ferments, Menstruums, Furnaces, Retorts, and other Instruments ;
to change Animal, Vegetable, and Fossil Bodies ; by inducing Fusion, Putresaction, Fermentation, Dissolution, Exhalation, &c.
and hereby procuring Spirits, Salts, Oils. Acid, Alcaline, Aromatic, Urinous. Wines, Vinegars, Flowers, Calces, Crystals, Soaps, Tartars. Regulus, Magistery, Extract, Elixir. Ceruss, Minium, Litharge. Quintessence, Phosphorus, Alcahest, Philosopher's Stone, and the like ; by the Operations of Distillation, Expression, Cohobation, Sublimation, Rectification, Crystillization, Calcination, Amalgamation, Digestion, Precipitation, Vitrification, Fixation, Transmutation, and the like. ---- Arbor Diansæ, Aurum Fulminans, Artificial Earthquake, Magic, Divination, &c.

19 OPTICS, including the Laws and Consideration of VISION, and Visible Objects ;
effected by means of Light, its Rays. Their Refrangibility, Reflexibility, &c.
Focus, Transparency, Opacity, Shadow, &c.----
Reflection thereof, in Mirror, Looking-glass, Catoptric Cislula, &c.----
Refraction, in Lens, Prism, Glass, &c.
Application, in Telescope, Microscope, Magic Lanthorn, &c.
Spectacle, Polemoscope, Polyhedron, Camera Obscura, &c.

20 PERSPECTIVE, or the PROJECTION of Points, Lines, Planes, &c.
in Scenography, Orthography, Ichnography,Anamorphosis, &c.
21 PAINTING, or the DESIGNING of Objects in Clair-obscure, Proportion, &c.
with Ordonnance, Expression, &c.
Circumstances hereof, Attitude, Contrast, Group, &c.
Kinds, Limning, Miniature, Camieux, Fresco, &c.
Enamelling, Mosaic, &c.

22 PHONICS, or the Doctrine of SOUNDS, Voice, &c.
Their Modifications in Echo, Resonance, Whispering-Place, Speaking-Trumpet, &c.----
Their Tune, Gravity, Interval, &c.
Time, Triple, &c.
express'd by Note, Chord, &c.
Comparisons thereof, Concord, as Unison, Octave, Third, Fourth, Discord, &c.
Composition, as Melody, Harmony, Counter-point. Symphony, Synaulia, Chime, Song, Rhythmus, &c.
Kinds, Genera, Mode, &c.
Circumstances, Key, Cleff, Signature, Transposition, &c.
Staff, Scale, Gammut, Solfaing, Modulation, &c.
Instruments, Organ, Bell, Trumpet, Lyre, Cymbal, Violin, Harpsichord, &c.

23 HYDROSTATICS, or the Consideration of FLUIDS ;
their Specific Gravity. Density, Equilibrium. &c.
Instruments to measure the same, as Aræomeier, Hydrostatical Balance, &c.
Syphon, Torricellian, &c.----
Motion thereof, in Pump, Fountain, Spiral Screw, Hydrocanisteritim, Hydromantic, &c.

24 PNEUMATICS, or the Consideration of the AIR ;
its Weight, Density. Pressure, Elasticity, &c.
Condensation, Rarefaction, Motion, Wind, &c.
In Air-pump, Suction, Vacuum, &c.
Measur'd by Barometer, Thermometer, Hygrometer, Manometer, &c.
Anemometer, Windmill, &c.

25 MECHANICS, including, the Structure and Contrivance of MACHINES, as Balance, Steelyard, Pully, Polyspast, &c.
Wheel, Clock, Watch, Pendulum, Spring, Fusee. &c.
Clepsydra, Coach, Rota Arisiotelica. Perpetual Motion &c.----
Mill, Press, Vice, Lath, Loom, Windlass, &c.
Operations of Swimming, Diving, Plying, &c.

26 ARCHITECTURE, including die Construction of BUILDINGS ;
as House, Temple, Church, Hall, Palace, Theatre, &c.
Ship, Galley, Galleon, Ark, Buccentaur, Boat, &c.
Pyramid, Mausoleum, Pantheon, &c.
Capitol, Seraglio, Escurial, &c.
Arch, Vault, Bridge, Monument, Tomb, &c.
Forms thereof. Rotondo. Platform, Pinnacle, &c.
Plans, Design, Ichnography, Prosile, Sic. Parts, as Foundation, Wall, Roof, &c.
Door, Window, Stairs, Chimney, &c.
Orders, as Tuscan, Doric, Corinthian, &c.
Caryatides, Rusiic, Gothic, &c.
Column, Pilasier, Attic, &c.
Parts thereof, Entablature, Capital, Pedesial, &c.
Cornice, Frieze, Base, &c.
Volute, Pediment, Modillion, Console, &c.
Mouldings, Ogee, Tore, Asiragal, Scotia. Abacus, Ovolo, &c.
Materials, as Brick, Stone, Tyle, Slate, Shingle, &c.
Timber, Wainscot, Glass, Lead, Plaster, &c.
Beam, Rafter, Mortar, Nail, Hinge, Key, Lock, &c.
Quarry, Masonry, &c.

27 SCULPTURE, or the framing of Statue, Figure, Ornament, &c.
in Relievo, Creux, &c.
as Carving, Pottery, Porcelain, &c.
Engraving, Seal, Dye, &c.
Etching, Cutting. Mezzo Tinto, &c.
Foundery, of Bell, Letter, Ordnance, &c.
Coining, Money, Medal, Medallion, &c.
Pile, Legend, &c.
Lapidary, Turnery, Inlaying, Vaneerlng, Damasqueening, Enchasing, &c.

28 TRADES and MANUFACTURES; as Printing, Papermaking, Book-binding, &c.
Gilding, Japanning, Glass-making, Grinding. &c.
Plumbery, Glaziery, Forging, Hammering, &c.
Weaving, Bleaching, Whitening, &c.
Fulling, Dying, Pressing, Sheering. Calendring, Tabying, Freezing, &c.
Woollen, Silk, Linum Incombustibile, &c.
Cloth, Serge, Taffety, Stocking, &c.
Velvet, Tapisiry, Hat, &c.
Tanning, Currying, Taking, &c.
Chamoising, Chagreen, Marroquin, &c.
Making Parchment, Glue, Gun-ponder, Smalt, Soap, Starch, &c.
Candle, Taper, Torch, &c.
Steel, Button, Pin, Needle, Pipe, Fan, Peruke, &c.

29 PYROTECHNY, or Artificial FIREWORK ;
including the Consideration and Use of Gun-pouder, Match, Fusee, &c.
Of Ordnance, Cannon, Gun, Mortar, &c.
Carriage, Charge, Projection, Range, Point-blank, Recoil, &c.
Petard, Carcass, Shot, Bomb, Granado, &c.
Rocket, Star, &c.

30 MILITARY ART, including the Consideration of ARMIES, Fleets, Cavalry, Infantry, &c.
Consisting of Regiments, Troops, Companies, Phalanx, Legion, &c.
Soldiers, Dragoon, Grenadier, Fusileer, Cuirassier, Archer, Janisary, Spahi, Velites, Argyraspides, Gend'armery, &c.
Divided into Squadron, Battalion, Brigade, &c.
Commanded by General, Marshal, Bashaw, Admiral, &c.
, Lieutenant, Brigadier, Colonel, Captain, Serjeant, Major, Adjutant, Ensign, Quarter-Master. Tribune, Centurion, Primipilus, &c.
In Battle, Siege, March, Camp, &c.
Ranged in Line, Column, &c.
Motions, Attack, Retreat, Halt, &c.
Evolutions, Wheeling, Counterwheeling, &c.
Signals, Word, Drum, Chamade, &c.
Guards, Garison, Piquet, Patroll, Round, Quarter, Place of Arms, &c.
Standard, Banner, Eagle, Labarum, &c.
Their Arms, Artillery, Carabine, Musquet, &c.
Helmet, Buckler, Pelt a, Cuirass, &c.
Aries, Balista, Catapulta, Fundus, &c.

31 FORTIFICATION, or the Construction of FORTRESSES;
as Citadel, Castle, Tower, &c.
Fort, Star, Redoubt, &c.
Works, or Parts thereof, Rampart, Bastion, Ditch, Counterscarp, Curtain, &c.
Ravelin, Horn-work, Crown-work, &c.
Approaches, Trench, Sap, Mine, &c.
Line, Parallel, Circumvallation, &c.
Battery, Attack, &c.

32 ASTRONOMY, or the Doctrine of the HEAVENS ;
Their Circles, Ecliptic, Zodiack, Meridian, Equator, Vertical, Azimuth. Galaxy, &c.
Points, as Pole, Zenith, Nadir, &c.
Celestial Bodies, viz. Stars, Sun, &c.
Assemblage thereof, into Sign, Constellation, &c.
Their Precession, Culmination, Refraction. Declination, Ascension, Longitude, Latitude, Altitude, Amplitude, Azimuth. Planets, as Saturn, Venus, Earth. Moon, Satellite, Comet, &c.
Their Places, Aspects, Syzygy, Conjunction, Quadrature. Diameter, Distance, Period, Revolution, Orbit, Node, &c.
Their Station, Retrogradation, Equation, &c.
Their Phases, Eclipse, Penumbra., Occupation, Parallax, Crepusculum, Maculæ, &c.
Observations thereof, taken with the Quadrant, Gnomon, Micrometer, Reticula, &c.
Collected in Catalogue, Tables, &c.
Hypotheses, or Systems thereof, Copernican, Tychonic, Ptolemaic, &c.
, Exhibited in Sphere, Globe, &c.

33 CHRONOLOGY, or the Doctrine of TIME ;
measur'd by Year, Month, Week, Day, Hour. Age, Period, Cycle, &c.
Commencing from Epocha, Creation, Hegira, &c.
Laid down in Fasti, Almanack, Calendar, Julian, Gregorian, &c.
Accommodated to Feasts, Feriæ, Easter, &c.
by means of Epact, Golden Number, Dominical, &c.

34 DIALLING, including the Furniture and Projection of DIALS, Horizontal, Declining, Reclining, Deinclining, &c.
Moon-Dial, Ring-Dial, Horodictical, &c.
lnstruments, as Declinator, Analemma, Scales, &c.

35 GEOGRAPHY, including the Doctrine of the EARTH, or Globe:
its Circles; Parallel, Tropic, Horizon, Axis, Poles, &c.
Its Zones, Climates, &c.
Its Places ; their Longitude, Latitude, Distance, Elevation, &c.
Inhabitants, Antipodes, Aborigines, Troglodites, Ascii, Periscii, &c.
lnstruments relating thereto, Globe, Map, &c.

36 NAVIGATION, or the Consideration of SAILING ;
in Ship, Frigate, Bark, &c.
Parts thereof, Mast, Anchor, Sails, Yards, Cordage, Capstan, Rudder, Deck, &c.
Their Course, Rhumb, &c.
shewn by Compass, Needle, Variation, &c.
Directed by Steerage, Current, &c.
Distance or Reckoning, by Log, Observation, Longitude, Latitude, &c.
Taken by Fore-staff. Back-staff, Astrolabe, Nocturnal. Sinical Quadrant, &c.
Wrought by Gunter, Chart, Mercator, Traverse, &c.
The Operations of Sounding, Weighing, Careening. Signals, Buoy, &c.

37 COMMERCE, or the Affairs of MERCHANDIZE ;
including, Money, Coin, Species &c.
as Pound, Crown, Shilling, Penny, Sterling. Ducat, Dollar, Piece of Eight. Talent, Sesterce, Shekel, and the*like. Weights, Libra, Ounce, &c.
Measures, Foot, Yard, Standard, &c.
Given in Exchange, Truck, Permutation, Commutation, &c.
for Manufacture, Spice, Drug, Woollen, slave. Negro, &c.
hnperted, Exported, Transported, Convoy , Flota, &c.
Conditions thereof, Tariff, Contraband, Charter-party, Freight, Average, &c.
Customs, Duty, Tunnage, Poundage, &c.
Bottomry, Ajssurance, Pike, &c.
Transacted by Company ; as Hans, Steel-yard, East India, Turky, Hamburg, Missisippi, South Sea, Assiento, Register. Colony, Fishery, Factory, &c.
At Staple, Fair, Market, Bank, Burse, &c.
By Commission, Factor, Broker, &c.
Weighing, paying by Bill ; at Usance, Acceptance, Par. Protest, Discount, Rechange, &c.
Action, Subscription. Book-keeping, &c.

38 ANATOMY, or the Analysis of ANIMAL BODIES, and their PARTS,
viz. Bones, as Cranium. Rib, Vertebra, Radius, Femur, Tibia. Sacrum, Pubis, Patella, &c.
Their Articulation, Apophyses, &c.
Muscles, Abductor, Adductor, Erector, Depressor, Deltoides, Sartorius, Cucullaris, Orbicularis, Sphincter, &c.
Their Tendons, Fibres, &c.
Vessels, as Artery, Aorta, Aspera, Trachea, Pulmonary, &c.
Veins, as Cava, Porta, Jugular, Carotid, &c.
Glands, as Pancreas, Parotides, Prostates, &c.
Nerves; Optic, Olfactory, Auditory, &c.
Lymphatic, Lacteal, Mesaraic, Mucilaginous, &c.
Their Valves, Tunics, Anastomases, &c.
Their Humours, as Chyle, Blood, Spirit, Seed, Gall, Urine, Milk, Sweat, Marrow, &c.
Membranes ; Pannicle, Cutis, Cuticula, Papilla, &c.
Venters, Head, Meninges, Brain, &c.
Eye, Ear, Pupil, Tympanum. Tongue, Teeth, Palate, Larynx, Glottis, Oesophagus, &c.
Viscera, Stomach, Lungs, Heart, &c.
Liver, Spleen, Kidney, Intestines, Bladder, &c.
Functions or Operations hereof, Respiration, Deglutition, Digestion, Chylisication, Sanguification, Circulation, Systole, Nutrition. Secretion, Excretion, Perspiration, Vomiting, &c.
Genitals, Penis, Testicle, Clitoris, Matrix, Nympha, Hymen. Embryo, Zoophyte, Mole, &c.
Erection, Generation, Conception, Geslation. Delivery, Lochia, Menses, &c.

39 MEDICINE, including the Consideration of LIFE and HEALTH;
Conditions thereof, Longevity, Strength, Temperament, &c.
Means, as Food, Drink, Exercise, &c.
Opposites, as Death, Disease, &c.
Kinds hereof, Chronic, Epidemic, Contagious, &c.
as Plague, Fever, Gout, Apoplexy, Epilepsy, Palsy. Pox, Polypus, Palpitation. Madness, Hydrophobia, Spasm, Hypochondriac, Phthifis, Scorbutus, Dropsy, Tympanites. Lepra, Itch, Plica, Ophthalmia, Gutta, Cataract, and the like. Wound, Ulcer, Cancer. Fracture, Fissure, Caries, and the like. Symptoms, Sign, Diagnostic, Pulse, Urine, &c.
Prescription, Crisis, Cure, &c.
Regimen, Diet, Medicine, &c.
Kinds hereof, Specific, Purgative, Emetic, Diaphoretic, Diuretic, Alterative, Styptic, Astringent, Emollient, Opiate. Absorbent, Caustic, Anodyne, Sympathetic. Cardiac, Cephalic, Febrifuge. Antimonial, Chalybeat, Mercurial, and the like. Operations, as Evacuation, Phlebotomy, Suture, Lithotomy, Amputation, Inoculation. Salivation, Couching, Cupping, Trepanning. Touching, Tapping, Stroking, Transfusion, Castration, Circumcision, and the like.

40 PHARMACY, or the Preparation and Composition of REMEDIES ;
as Mithridate, Treacle, Hiera Picra, Laudanum, Diasenna, Turbith, Calomel, &c.
in the Form of Electuary, Confection, Extract, Tincture, Syrup. Troche, Pill, Pouder, Lohoc, Potion, Apazem, Drops, medicated Ales, Wines, Waters. Unguent, Emplaster, Purge, Clyster, Suppository, Pessary, Collyrium, &c.
From Drugs, or Simples ; as, Guaiacum, Sassafras, Colocynthis, Crocus, Rhubarb, Cassia, Senna, Cortex, Styrax, Jalap, Scammony, Opium, &c.
Fats, Claws, Horns, &c.
of Viper, Crab, Elk, &c.
Cantharides, Millepedes, Mummy, Usnea, Ichthyocolla, &c.
Antimony, Orpiment, Asphaltus, Bismuth, Marcasite, Bole, Cinnabar, Mars, Venus, &c.

41 AGRICULTURE, or the Tillage and Improvement of SOILS, Clay, Sand, Earth, &c.
By the Operations of Ploughing, Fallowing, burning, Sembradore, Sowing, Manuring, &c.
To produce, Com, Hemp, Flax, Liquorice, Saffron, &c.
For Malt, Bread, &c.
Granary, Threshing, &c.
The Culture of Trees, Timber, &c.
by Planting, Lopping, Barking, &c.
For Coppice, Park, Paddock, Hedge, Pasiure, &c.

42 GARDENING, including the Culture of HERBS, Flowers, Fruits, &c.
as Dwars, Standard, Stone, Wall, Espalier, Salted, &c.
The Operations of Planting, Transplanting, Replanting, Watering. Engrasting Inoculating, Primal, Pinching, Variegating, &c.
Preventing Disiasis, Blights, Gum, &c.
The Use and Ordering of a Hot-bell Green-house, Seminary. Nursery, Garden, Vineyard &c.
Their Exposure, Walls, Horizontal Shelter, &c.
Walks, Grass-Plot, Terrace, Quincunx, Parterre &c.

43 MANAGE, including the Consideration of HORSES;
their Age Colour, Teeth, Hoof, Star, &c.
Paces, as Amble, Gallop, &c.
Airs, as Volt, Demivolt, Curvet, Capriole, &c.
Aid, Correction, Hani, Bit, &c.
Saddle, Shoe, Bridle, &c.
Diseases, as Halting, Farcy, Staggers, Scratches, Yellows, &c.
Operations, as Rowelling, Docking, Gelding, &c.----
Hawk, Hawking, Hood, &c.
Reclaiming, Casling, &c.
Pip, Filanders, &c.----
Hound, Hunting, &c.
Rut, Stalking, Birdlime, Tramel-net, Bat-fowling, &c.
---Fish, Fishing, Fishery, &c.
Angling, Hook, Rod, Float, &c.
Bait, Fly, Huxing, &c.

44 GRAMMAR, or the Consideration of LANGUAGE ;
as English, Latin, Greek, Hebrew, French, &c.
Their Dialect, Idiom, Patavinity &c.
Matter thereof, Letter ; Vowel, Consonant, Diphthong, Aspirate Character, Symbol, Hieroglyphic, &c.
Syllable, Particle, &c.
Word ; Kinds hereof, Noun, Pronoun, Verb, &c.
Substantive, Adjective, &c.
Their Construction, Concord, Regimen, &c.
In Case, Nominative, Genitive, &c.
Gender, Masculine, &c.
Number, Person, Mood, Tense, &c.
Into Sentence, Phrase, Period, &c.
Distinguiih'd by Point, Accent, Comma, &c.
Deliver'd by Pronunciation, Writing, Orthography, &c.

45 RHETORIC, ot the Means of PERSUASION ;
as Invention, Amplification, Topic, Place, Argument. Passions, Manners, &c.
Disposition, Exordium, Narration, Confirmation, Peroration, &c.
Elocution, Sublime, Style, Numbers, &c.
sigures, as Exclamation, Pleonasm, Epiphonema, Apostrophe, Prosopopœia, Antithesis, &c.
Tropes, as Metaphor, Allegory, Synecdoche, Sarcasm, Hyperbole, Catachresis, &c.
A£tion, Gesture, Monotonia, &c.
Compositions, as Oration, Declamation, Panegyric, &c.
Parable, Essay, Dialogue, History, &c.

46 HERALDRY, or the Confideration of COATS ;
consisting of Field, Charge, Figure, &c.
as Cross, Chevron, Bend, Palo, &c.
with Abatement, Difference, Quartering, & c . Composed of Colour, Metals, Points, &c.
Bore on Escutcheon, Shield, &c.
Accompanied with Supporters, Helmet, Cresl, Mantling, Motto, &c.
Device, Emblem, Rebus, Enigma, &c.
And described by Blazon.

47 POETRY, including the Consideration of VERSE ;
its Measure, Feet, Quantity, &c.
as Hexameter, Alexandrine, Spondee, Iambic, &c.
Rhyme, Stanza, &c.
Compositions, as Epigram, Elegy. Song, Madrigal, Hymn, Ode, Pindaric, &c.
Eclogue, Satire, Georgic, &c.
Anagram, Acrostic, Burlesque, Macaronic, Leonine, Troubadour, &c.
Dramatic, as Tragedy. Comedy, Hilaro-tragedia, Farce, &c.
Parts thereof, Act, Scene, Protasis, Epitasts, Cataslrophe, &c.
Circumstances, Prologue, Epilogue, Soliloquy, Chorus, &c.
Laws, Unity, Action, &c.
Epic, its Fable, Hero, Machines, &c.
Characters, Manners, Sentiments, &c.
Personification, Proportion, Invocation, Episode, &c.
Iliad, Odyssee, Rhapsody, &c.