ACCOMMODATION, in Philosophy, the Application of one thing, by Analogy, to another. See ANALOGY.

Thus, to know a thing by Accommodation, is to know it by the Idea of a similar thing referred thereto.

A Prophecy of Scripture is said to be fulfilled various ways;Properly, as when a thing foretold comes to pass; and Improperly, or by way of Accommodation, when an Event happens to any Place or People, like to what was foretold some time before to another. Thus, the Words of Isaiah, spoke to those of his own Time, are said to be fulfilled in those who lived in our Saviour's; and are accommodated to them: Ye Hypocrites, well did Isaiah prophesy of you, &c. which same Words, St. Paul afterwards accommodates to the Jews of his Time. — This Method of explaining Scripture by Accommodation serves as a Key for solving some of the Difficulties relating to the Prophecies. See TYPE, PROPHECY, &c.

On many Occasions, a Man finds it expedient to translate by Accommodation: Thus, the Word Librarius, Scrivener, may be translated, by Accommodation, a Printer; as it originally signifies those who made it their Business to furnish Copies of Books, before the Invention of Printing.

Accommodation is also used for an amicable Agreement, or Composition between the two contending Parties. The Process is grown so intricate and perplexed that there is no Hope of getting out of it but by an Accommodation.

Accommodations are frequently effected by means of Compromise and Arbitration. See COMPROMISE and ARBITRATION.