ACADEMY, is also used among us for a kind of Collegiate School, or Seminary; where Youth are instructed in the Liberal Arts, and Sciences; in a private way. See SCHOOL, SEMINARY, COLLEGE, etc.

The Nonconformist Ministers, etc. are many of them bred up in such private Academies; as not relishing the common University-Education.

Academy is also used in speaking of the Schools of the Jews: i.e. those where the Rabbins or Doctors instruct the Youth of their Nation in the Hebrew Tongue; explain to 'em the Talmud, teach 'em the Cabbala, &c. See RABBINS, CABBALA, &c.

The Jews have had of these Academies, ever since their Return from the Babylonish Captivity.

The Academics of Tiberias and Babylon are celebrated.See TIBERIAS, MASSORETES, TALMUD, &c.

Academy is particularly understood of a Riding-School •or a Place where young Gentlemen are taught to ride the great Horse, with other suitable Exercises; as Fencing, &c.See EXERCISE.

This is what Vitruvius calls Ephebeum. See GYMNASIUM, GYMNASTIC, &c.

The Duke of Newcastle will have the Art of Riding to have had its Origin in Italy, and the first Academy of this Sort to have been establish'd at Naples, by Frederic Grison; who besides, was the first that wrote on the Subject; which he did like a true Cavalier, and a great Master. — Henry VIII., says the same Author, call'd over two Italians, Disciples of Grison, into England; who soon stock'd the Nation with Ecuyers, or Riding-Masters.

He adds, that the greatest Master Italy ever produc'd, was a Neapolitan, Fignatelli by Name; that La Broue rid under him five Years; Pluvinel nine; and S. Antoine many Years: and that these three Frenchmen fill'd France with French Masters; which till then had known none but Italians.

The Ground set apart in an Academy, for riding, is call'd the Manage; having usually a Pillar in the Centre, and other Pillars, placed two by two, at the Sides. See MANAGE, and PILLAR.

Academy, or Academy Figure, in Painting, is a Drawing or Design made after a Model, with a Crayon or Pencil.— Or the Copy of such a Draught. See DESIGN.