AFFEERORS, Affeeratores, in Law, are those appointed in Court-Leets, upon Oath, to settle and moderate the Fines of such as have committed Faults arbitrarily punishable, or which have no express Penalty set down by Statute. See FINE, etc.The Word is formed of the French Affier, to affirm ; by reason those appointed to this Office, do affirm upon their Oaths, what Penalty they think in Conscience the Offender hath deserved.Kitchin joins the three Words as Synonyms ; Affidati, Amerciatores, Affirares. Bratton has Affidari Mulierem, to be betrothed to a Woman.—In the Customary of Normandy, the Word Affewre, is rendered by the Latin Interpreter Taxare, to set the Price of a thing ; as Astimare, Indicare, etc.