ALMONER, anciently also wrote Armner, or Aumonier, an Officer in a King’s or Prince’s Household, whose business is to distribute Alms to the Poor. See ALMS.The Lord Almoner, or Lord High Almoner, is an Ecclesiastical Officer, who has the Forfeiture of all Deodands, and the Goods of Felons de se, which he is to dispose of to the Poor. See DEODAND.He had likewise, by an ancient Custom, a Privilege to give the first Dish from the Royal Table, to whatsoever poor Person, he pleased, or, instead thereof, an Alms, in Money.He also distributes daily to 24 poor Men, nominated by the Parishioners of the Parish adjacent to the King’s Place of Residence, to each, 4d. in Money, and an Alms of Bread and Small Beer; each Person first repeating the Creed and the Lord’s Prayer, in presence of one of the King’s Chaplains, deputed by the Lord Almoner to be his Sub-Almoner; who is also to scatter new-coined Twopences in the Towns and Places through which the King passes in his Progress.He has also the Charge of several poor Pensioners to the Crown, below Stairs; consisting of such as have spent their Youth, and become superannuated in the King’s Service;or the Widows of such Household Servants as died poor, and were not able to provide for their Wives and Children, whom he duly pays. Under the Lord Almoner is a Sub-Almoner, a Yeoman, and two Grooms of the Almonry, chosen by his Lordship.