Hydrology Article Count:  1

HYDROLOGY, or the History of WATER ;
including that of Springs, Rivers, Acida, &c.
of Lake, Sea, Ocean, &c.
of Tides, Deluge, and the like. 

Meteorology Article Count:  0

METEOROLOGY, or the History of AIR and ATMOSPHERE: 
1°, that of its Contents, Æther,Fire,Vapour, Exhalation, &c.
2°, Meteors form'd therein, as Cloud, Rain, Shower, Drop, Snow, Hail, Dew, Damp, &c.
Rainbow, Parhelion, Halo, Thunder, Water- spout, &c.
Winds, Mon-soon, Hurricane, and the like. 

Minerology Article Count:  0

MINEROLOGY, or the History of EARTH;
1°, Its Parts, as Mountain, Mine, Moss, Bog, Grotto ; and their Phænomena, as Earth, quake, Volcano, Conflagration, &c.
Its Strata, as Clay, Bole, Sand &c.
2°, Fossils or Minerals, as Metals, Gold, Silver, Mercury, &c.
with Operations relating to 'em, as Fusion, Refining, Purifying, Parting, Essaying, &c.
Litharge, Lavatory, Pinea, &c.
Salts, as Nitre, Natron, Gemma, Allum, Armoniac, Borax, &c.
Sulphurs, as Arsenic, Amber, Ambergrease, Coal, Bitumen, Naphtha, Petrol, &c.
Semi-metals, as Antimony, Cinnabar, Marcasite, Magnet, Bismuth, Calamine, Cobalt, &c.
Stones, as Marble, Porphyry, Slate, Asbestos, &c.
Gems, as Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Opal, Turcoise, &c.
Emery, Lapis, &c.
whence Ultramarine, Azure, &c.
Petrisactions, as Crystal, Spar, Stalactites, Trochites, Cornu Ammonis, and the like. 

Phytology Article Count:  2

PHYTOLOGY, or the History of PLANTS ;
their Origin, in the Seed, Fruit, &c.
Their Kinds, as Tree, Herb, &c.
extraordinary Species, as Tea, Coffee, Paraguay, Vine, Ginseng, Cotton, Tobacco, &c.
Coral, Mushroom, Truffle, Parasite, Misselto, Moss, &c.
Parts, as Root, Stone, flower ; Wood, as Guaiacum, Sassafras, Ebony, Aloes, &c.
Leaf, as Foliation, Roll, &c.
Bark, Quinquina, &c.
Pislil, Farina, Stamina, &c.
Operations thereof, as Vegetation, Germination, Circulation, &c.
Circumstances, as Perpendicularity, Parallelism, Fertility, &c.
Productions, as Honey, Wax, Balm, Sugar, Manna, &c.
Cum, Restn, Camphor, &c.
Indigo, Opium, Galls, and the like. 

Zoology Article Count:  2

ZOOLOGY, or the History of ANIMALS:
Their Origin in Egg, Embryo, Fœtus, Generation, Conception, Gestation, Hatching, Migration, &c.
Their Kinds, as Quadruped, Bird, Fish, Insect, Reptile, Ruminant, Carnivorous, &c.
Extraordinary Species, as Unicorn, Torpedo, Tarantula, Tortoise, Cameleon, Salamander, &c.
Barnacle, Anchovy, Death-Watch, &c.
Monsters, as Double Animals, Hermaphrodite, Mule, Pigmy, Giant, &c.
Metamorphoses, as Aurelia, Metempsychosis, &c.
Parts, as Head, Hand, Foot, Finger, Tail, Fin, Wing, Gills, &c.
Covering, as Hair, Wool, Silk, Feathers, &c.
Armature; as Nail, Sting, Horn, Tooth, Shell, Proboscis, Web, &c.
Productions, as Pearl, Bezoard, Castoreum, Civet, Meconium, Mummy, Usnea, &c.
Kermes, Cochineal, &c.
Motion, as Flying, Swimming, and the like.