HIS Grace the Duke of Athol.
The Right Hon. the Lord Abergavenny.
The Right Hon. the Lord Arrundale, of Trerice.
Sir Jacob Ackworth Kt. Surveyor of the Navy.
Sir John Anstruther of Anstruther, Bar.
Thomas Archer Esq;
William Archer Esq;
Dinghy Askham Esq;
Dr. Allen.
Mr. Asgill.
Mr. Oliver Acton, Attorney at Law, seven Books.
The Rev. James Anderson M.A. of Swallow-street, St. James's.
Major Seth Adams.
Mr. Ansdell, Bookseller in Leverpool.
Mr. Samuel Aris, Printer.
Mr. Eleazer Albin, Painter.
Mr. Abraham Ashworth in Durham.

THE Right Hon. the Earl of Berkshire.
The Rt. Hon. the Earl of Burlington.
The Right Hon. the Lord Belhaven.
The Right Hon. the Lord Binning.
The Right Hon. George Baillie, Esq;
The Hon. Mr. Bruce.
The Hon. Alexander Brodie of Brodie, Esq;
Lord Lyon.
John Blaxland of Grays-Inn, Esq;
George Bagnal Esq;
Richard Backwell jun. Esq;
Samuel Buckley Esq;
Henry Barham Esq; F.R.S,
Anthony Balam Esq;
John Blackwood Esq;
John Busby Esq; F.R.S.
John Bamber, M.D. F.R:S.
The Rev. Mr. John Benson.
The Rev. Mr. Bowen.
The Rev. Mr. Baron of Wanstead.
The Rev. Mr. Edmund Banyer.
Dr. Brown.
Edward Barry M.D.
Mr. Charles Burd, Attorney at Law.
Mr. Alderman Bennet of Cork, 7 Books.
Mr. John Brown Chymist, F.R.S.
Mr. John Beavis.
Mr. George Binckes of Covent-Garden.
Mr. Peter Brown.
Mr. William Bonner of Cambridge, Bookseller.
Mr. Nicholas Blomberg.
Mr. Job Bradley, Bookseller at Ghefsterfield.
Mr. William Brown in Edinburgh.

THE Most Reverend His Grace Timothy Goodwin, Lord Archbishop of Cashels.
The Right Hon. the Marquis of Carmarthen.
The Right Hon. the Lord Carmichael
The Right Hon. the Lord Colvill of Culross.
The Right Hon. the Lord Crighton.
Sir Archer Croft, of Croft-Castle in Herefordshire, Baronet.
Sir Alexander Cuming, Baronet.
Sir James Colquhoun of Luss, Bar.
Sir Duncan-Campbell of Lochnell, Bar.
Sir James Campbell of Aberruchill, Bar.
Sir James Campbell of Asnchenbrook, Bar.
The Hon. Col. Thomas Cornwallis.
The Hon. Col. Charles Cathcart, Groom of the Bedchamber to his Majesty.
The Hon. Col. John Campbell jun. of Mamore.
William Cartwright Esq;