ADEPTS, Adepts, is a denomination given to proficient individuals in Alchemy, particularly those who claim to possess the secrets of the Philosopher's Stone and the Universal Medicine.See ALCHEMY, PHILOSOPHER'S STONE, TRANSMUTATION, ELIXIR, etc.Ripley, Lully, Paracelsus, Helmont, Hollandus, Centivoglio, etc. are the principal figures among the Adepts. See CHEMISTRY.The word is Latin, Adeptus, formed from the verb adipiscor, meaning "I obtain."It is a sort of tradition among the Alchemists that there are always twelve Adepts; and that their places are immediately supplied by others whenever it pleases any of the Fraternity to die, or to transmigrate to some other place, where they may make use of their gold; for in this wicked world, it will scarcely purchase them a shirt. Harris.