ACRE, a Quantity of Land, containing four square Roods, or 160 square Poles. See MEASURE; see also ROOD, and PERCH.By a Statute of 31 Eliz. it is ordained, That if any Man erect a new Cottage, he shall add four Acres of Land to it.See COTTAGE.To find the Quantity of Acres in a Piece of Ground, &c.See SURVEYING.The Word is formed from the Saxon Acher, or Acker, Field; or the Latin Ager. Though Salmasius derives it from Acra, used for Agera, a Land-Measure among the Ancients, containing 10 Feet.The Kingdom of England contains by Computation 39,038,500 Acres: The United Provinces 4,382,000, &c. See POLITICAL ARITHMETIC.