ACOUSTICKS, Acoustica, the Doctrine or Theory of Sounds. See SOUND.Acoustics is what we otherwise call Phonics.Phonics.Acoustics, or Acoustica, or Acoustic Medicines, are Remedies against the Imperfections and Disorders of the Ear; or of the Sense of Hearing. See EAR, and HEARING.The Word is formed from the Greek ἀκοή (akoē), Hearing.Acoustic is particularly applied to Instruments used by those who are slow of Hearing; to supply that Defect.Dr. Hook says, it is by no means impossible to hear the lowest sound that can be made, to the Distance of a Furlong;and that he knows a way of hearing any Person speak through a Stone-Wall three Feet thick. See WHISPERINGPlace, and ECHO.Acoustic Nerve. See AUDITORY NERVE.