ACHILLES, a Name which the Schools give to the principal Argument alleged by each School of Philosophers in their behalfs. See SECT.In this Sense, we say, this is his Achilles; that is, his Malleus-Proof: Alluding to the Strength and Importance of Achilles among the Greeks.Item's. Argument against Motion, is peculiarly termed an Achilles. That Philosopher made a Comparison between the Swiftness of Achilles, and the Slowness of a Tortoise;whence he argued, that a slow Movable that precedes a swift one by ever so small Distance, will never be outrun by it. See MOTION.

The ancient Botanists gave the Name Achillea, to several Plants; one of which is said to be the same with our Millesolium; and took its Name from Achilles; who, having been the Disciple of Chiron, first brought it into use for the Cure of Wounds and Ulcers.

The tendon of Achilles, Corda Achillis, is a large Tendon, formed by the Union of the Tendons of the four Muscles of the Foot, called Extensors. See TENDON, and FOOT.

It is so called, because the fatal Wound whereby Achilles is said to have been slain, was given there.