ACCOMPANYMENT, something attending, or added as a Circumstance to another; either by way of Ornament, or for the sake of Symmetry, or the like. See CIRCUMSTANCE.

The Music, in Dramatic Performances, should only be a simple Accompaniment. The Organists sometimes apply the word to several Pipes which they occasionally touch to accompany the Treble; as the Drone, Flute, etc.

In Heraldry, the Accompaniments are all such things as are applied about the Shield, by way of Ornament; as the Belt, Mantling, Supporters, etc. See ESCUTCHEON, SHIELD.

A thing is also said to be accompanied, accompagné, when there are several Bearings or Figures about some one principal one; as a Saltier, Bend, Fess, Chevron, or the like.