AGREEMENT, Acraementum, in Law, is defined by Plowder, a joining or putting together of two or more Minds in any thing done, or to be done. Of this there may be three sorts. The first, an Agreement executed at the Beginning; mention’d in the Stat. of 25 Edw. III. which says, "That the Goods bought by Forestallers, being thereof attainted, shall be forfeited to the King; if the Buyer thereof has made Gree with the Seller." Where the Word Gree, otherwise called Agreement executed, signifies Payment for the Things or Satisfaction. The second is, where one does an Act, and another agrees or assents thereto, afterwards. See ASSENT. The third is when both Parties at one time are agreed that such a thing shall be done in time to come; which is Executory, in regard the thing is to be done afterwards. See CONTRACT.